Riverwalk Visitor Center

101 N Union Ave, Pueblo, CO 81003
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Date Established: The Riverwalk was officially dedicated and opened to the public on October 6, 2000.

Current use/ownership of building: The original objectives to pull the city out of an economic slump, beautify the downtown, and become a tourist destination are a part of our present and future vision

Past use of building: After a tragic flood in 1921 that impacted life and property in their communities. After this flood Pueblo made the decision to relocate the Arkansas River flow behind a levee south of the downtown area to protect the city from future flood events. The coalition of Pueblo citizens visited San Antonio and gathered information on their River Walk. After many visits and meetings with our new friends in San Antonio the Pueblo group realized that returning the river to the historic path through the downtown core could create new economic activity.

Significant damages, restorations, etc: The Riverwalk master plan calls for phasing of construction, each phase is completed as funding becomes available. Phases I & II of the Riverwalk were transformational, revitalizing the urban landscape of downtown Pueblo. The masterplan also called for building sites that can be sold to private developers.

Annual events/functions (link to community events):

Concerts, Movies, Festivals, Boats Galore
Center for American Values
Veterans Bridge Events on Veterans Day
Pueblo Classic Bike Event April
Farmer’s Market Summer Months

Fun fact: The Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo (HARP) is a 32-acre urban waterfront experience open to the Public daily.

Community Impact: The impact of having the Riverwalk in downtown Pueblo has been significant. This project has been vital in attracting new businesses thereby diversifying and stabilizing the local economy as well as the Southern Colorado region. Our local visitor’s bureau data tells us that since the Riverwalk has been created we have increased visits from Colorado residents and surrounding states, this as a result has brought in and supported new businesses such as restaurants, hotels and retail shops. Property tax data indicates the Riverwalk area has higher property values and boasts some of the most valuable real estate in Pueblo County. This project has created a new level of quality of life for residents, this is where they bring friends and family. Our hospitals and other large employers use the Riverwalk as a recruitment tool to attract new employees and their families. The Riverwalk is an anchor to Colorado Certified Creative District, as designated by Colorado Creative Industries. The success of each Riverwalk phase has made the project eligible for new funding opportunities. The Riverwalk attracts over 500,000 visitors annually from Colorado, and bordering states.

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